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PreSchool Fun and Activities

Learning Activities for Preschoolers

It’s fun to be around kids who are joyful. There is no moment that is dull around them. With the changing scenarios, the role of parents and teachers has also changed. Their responsibility is no more restricted to just caretakers and knowledge providers, they are now entrusted with the job of creatively designing the learning curriculum for the young ones.

The upcoming generations are more likely to get bored with the old school methods of learning and that’s obvious. But the challenge is they need a new plan every day! They tend to be more playful with their lives and their little eyes love exploring! 

If your child is a pre-schooler or you are mentoring in a pre-school, always remember learning for an adult is totally structured and concrete whereas, in order to help a tender brain learn well, you have to make everything playful and colorful. 

Here is just a list of a few preschool fun activities that will guide you on how you can try with resources available in your closet and recreate fun in your child’s life.

  • Build a house of cards with your little one. He will enjoy it even if it keeps on falling. This is the beginning of him learning the meaning of sportsmanship.
  • Bake muffins together. Let him pour chocolate syrup on it. 
  • Nature’s walk can be fascinating for a toddler. He will be enthralled to discover new objects around him.
  • Make a tea party with his favorite cookies.
  • Play Hide and Seek with your little one. This way you are also going to relive your childhood.
  • Create collages from old magazines. Let him enjoy this activity and tear old colorful magazine pages and paste them on a fresh sheet.
  • Fly a kite with him.
  • Decorate your home together at festivals. Involve them in making rangolis, floral decorations, and many more. 
  • Blow painting using a straw.
  • Paint using a ladyfinger or any other vegetable scrap. You can create flower bouquets or anything from them.
  • Use different colored pulses to create something beautiful. Maybe a fish.
  • Play with colorful dough and let them create different shapes.
  • Watch Sci-Fi Cartoons with them.
  • Play role play.
  • Dress up and Dance with them.
  • Tell them stories and anecdotes and do not get irritated when they ask you questions. Be flexible in answering their little doubts. 
  • Invite their friends with their family members and have a good time together. After all,  who does not need to get together with friends?
  • Paint the pots in your garden together, and make smileys on them!
  • Talk with them, it’s most important!
  • Teach them colors they can create using edible stuff, like yellow from turmeric and brown from coffee.
  • Vibrant Paper Towel art is altogether a fun and learning activity.
  • Plant flowers with them in your garden. This way you are teaching them to become responsible inhabitants of Mother Earth.
  • Get a kitchen set or a doctors’ set for them and also find time to become their customers. 
  • Take their help in cleaning their room. You are going to teach them a lot in this!
  • Craft a story together. Inspire their creativity and correct their imagination wherever you feel it is necessary to do so.
    Make a path of pillows to use as stepping stones.
  • Turn a large box into a playhouse, ask them to decorate in the manner they want, and appreciate their efforts.
  • Complete a Connect the Dots Picture with them
  • Jumping a rope or Hula Hoop, it’s going to be a lot of fun!
  • Put on a sock puppet play.
  • Dress up your child as his favorite superhero.
  • Celebrate every festival with him.
  • Sing his favorite poems with him.
  • Sort objects.
  • Play board games like carrom, ludo, snakes and ladder or anything else!
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