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About Us

Best Daycare in Kondhwa

We Endeavor, Enlighten and Enliven!

MerryLand is a revolutionary child development center. Our focus is to preserve the unique speciality of each child. We are proud to be the best preschool and daycare in Kondhwa. Making children learn by giving them a variety of experiences, and keeping their innate curiosity intact is what defines us.

Best Preschool and Daycare in Kondhwa

Our Programs

Best Daycare in Kondhwa


Trusted as the best daycare in Kondhwa for the environment where a child is loved and valued just like his home!

Best Daycare in Kondhwa


You see play, we see learning! We love how our children develop and acquire life skills through fun and play activities.

Best Daycare in Kondhwa


Explore the creative way of learning at the best nursery school in Kondhwa! We focus on developing a child’s early age skills.

Best Daycare in Kondhwa

Junior and Senior KG

Experiential learning is what defines our pedagogy. We expose children to practical experiences that generate curiosity in them for learning more!

For the best start to the Learning Journey

Children are great explorers. Their tiny eyes are full of curiosity. We, at MerryLand, envision to give powerful directions to their discoveries and help them in starting a learning journey that they will love today and forever.

Best Daycare in Kondhwa

Parents speak for us!